2023 Suzuki UN125 – AVENIS 125 WHITE & GREY


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Model Description

We present here for sale this 2023 Suzuki Avenis 125. The Avenis 125 excels as a sporty environmentally responsible scooter. Developed to comply with the stringent Euro 5 emissions standards, the Avenis 125 achieves outstanding fuel efficiency of 148.67MPG6 and CO2 emissions of a mere 44g/km in WMTC mode testing.* AGILE HANDLING AND COMFORT. Engineered to provide agile handling and comfort, the Avenis 125 is designed to maximise the potential of its SEP engine. Everything, from the design of the frame and selection of wheels and tyres to optimising suspension performance, the Combined Brake System (CBS)¹, is geared toward achieving this goal. The Avenis 125 proves its ability to excel in any urban riding situation. SPACIOUS STORAGE DESIGN. The underseat compartment² features a capacity of 21.5 litres and provides convenient space to store items and protect them from the elements. The covered left-side front compartment is large enough to accommodate a large-screen smartphone. The inner pocket on the front right side offers storage space large enough to hold a 500ml beverage or some other small item the rider may want to keep close at hand. A pair of sturdy hooks³ let you hang various types of bags, including shopping bags, with greater convenience. The back hook³ can be locked to better secure items, and can be folded out of the way when not in use. LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME. The product of repeated simulations that employed CAE technology, the underbone frame is built using large- diameter, thin, round material. Designed to minimise weight while maximising rigidity, this frame contributes to the Avenis 125’s outstanding fuel efficiency. It also provides excellent straight-line stability and positive cornering performance. AGILE HANDLING. The front suspension settings provide a smooth and comfortable ride, with the spring rate and operation of the telescopic front forks optimised for the front wheel weight distribution of the Avenis 125. Both the forks and rear suspension are finely tuned to deliver solid road-holding performance, agile handling, and a plush ride. ALUMINIUM WHEELS AND DUNLOP TYRES. The cast aluminium wheels are shod with tubeless Dunlop D307 N tyres. These combine with tuned suspension settings to deliver superior running performance, positive grip on wet surfaces, and a smooth ride. The rear wheel can also be removed without removing the muffler. This improves serviceability. COMBINED BRAKE SYSTEM. Suzuki’s Combined Brake System¹ supports well-balanced braking by distributing braking force to both the front and rear wheels when the left brake lever is operated. Stable stopping power is provided by a 190mm diameter disc brake in the front and a 120mm drum brake in the rear. Once parking up on the Avenis 125, a switch on the left brake lever enhances comfort and convenience by locking the rear wheel to keep the Avenis 125 in place. SPORTY TWO-TONE SEAT. The sporty two-tone seat with attractive red stitching is firm yet comfortable, with ample padding and a richly textured surface that provides a secure grip when riding, even when making quick movements. In addition, its carefully crafted shape makes it easy for the rider to put both feet on the ground when stopped. The wide floorboard enables riders of varying builds to maintain a comfortable riding position. The convenient cut-away design makes it easy to place both feet firmly on the ground when stopped. SPEED, DYNAMISM AND AGILITY. Sharp, aerodynamically efficient lines and advanced engineering. The Avenis 125 was designed from the ground up to evoke this visual sense of speed, dynamism and agility. Its style draws on Suzuki’s sports bike heritage, with futuristic body lines and front and side cowling accents that accentuate its performance credentials. From its striking front end to its sleek, upswept tail, the Avenis 125 is designed for people who want to experience the fun and exhilaration of two-wheeled urban freedom with a sporty sense of style. MULTIFUNCTION DIGITAL INSTRUMENT PANEL. The digital instrument panel4 for the

Model Specification

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