Honda RC213V-S

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Padgett’s Motorcycles have been a Honda dealer for over 50 years and the official HRC Service Shop the first outside of Japan since 1993. The Padgett’s Motorcycles HRC Service Shop has been selected by Honda as the RC213V-S Specialist Centre.

As the home of the RC213V-S, we have specialists and technicians on-hand who have received bespoke training from institutions as far away as Japan.

We are inviting customers who wish to own an RC213V-S, Moto GP Replica motorcycle, to contact Helen Padgett. Please contact Helen Padgett, for both sales and service enquiries on (+44) 01924 478491 or

Sports Kit

Although the RC213V-S was designed for use on normal public roads, Honda have created a sports kit enabling even more dynamic riding on closed circuits.

In this Sports Kit, Kit parts below are included.

  • Engine control unit
  • Fr air duct
  • Exhaust muffler
  • AI joint cover set
  • Spark plug
  • Loadcell type quick shifter
  • Gear shift drum (reverse)
  • Data logger set
  • Rr cushion connecting rod
  • Fr brake pad
  • Fr brake lever remote adjuster
  • Thermostat set
  • Sprocket set
  • Clutch guard (CFRP)
  • Fr cowl under cover
  • Fr winker hole plug
  • Seat back rubber
  • Lower cowl drain cap
  • Harness modification set
  • Fr/Rr maintenance stand
  • Indoor machine cover

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RC213V-S Information

Since the Isle of Man TT races, Honda has positioned its racing activities in a wide variety of races as its “laboratory on wheels,” and has incorporated the feedback from the wide-ranging technologies developed for competition in these races into its commercially available production models, relying on these technologies as a way to help maintain and evolve the excellent performance and reliability of Honda motorcycles.

The new RC213V-S is not merely the result of a feedback of technologies created by Honda through its competition in races into a commercially available model, but rather represents a wholly new endeavor to make it possible for a machine developed for competition in MotoGP races to run on public roads. To win in the world championship races, it is necessary to enter a machine that runs the fastest in the world, but in Honda’s view, the rider needs to maneuver the machine well, and so Honda sees ease of use as the means necessary for winning races. In other words, Honda has a principle that the fastest machine in the world is also the machine that is the easiest to maneuver in the world. Ever since competing in the Isle of Man TT races, Honda has consistently developed machines exclusively for racing toward the goal of creating the world’s easiest machine to maneuver based on this Honda principle, racking up victory after victory in races along the way.

The RC213V-S has been developed according to this Honda principle, making it possible for the RC213V, which has won MotoGP championships for two seasons in a row in 2013 and 2014, to run on public roads. The RC213V-S has inherited the specifications of the RC213V to thoroughly ensure mass concentration and reduced friction, as well as all key aspects in manufacturing that set the RC213V apart as a MotoGP machine from ordinary mass production models, with overwhelming differences which involve light weight and precise machining of the components, plus superior expert skills required in manufacturing. In addition, the RC213V-S is equipped with control technologies used on the RC213V. The RC213V consists only of the necessary parts for winning races, based on the idea of changing specifications as necessary according to the rider and course. To achieve the specifications that make the RC213V-S eligible to run on public roads, the minimal amount of necessary changes and additions has been made compared to the RC213V.

It’s been a long time since it’s been possible to mass-produce a road bike with more than enough performance, but we believe the key to the next step of evolution is the GP machine. Honda Motorcycles is constantly pursuing the challenge of making customers happy through technology. RC213V-S is our expression of this determination.

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